Monday, May 23, 2005

All That We Perceive

Yesterday Fellow Seeker and I never made it to church. We wanted to go, but were led astray by *gasp* Devout and others. Instead, we wound up in a diner having the most philosophical discussion I have had in a long time over cheese fries and milkshakes (so much for the body being a temple, I know). It was so wild. There were seven people there, and all of a sudden the conversation went in this direction. We went from joking about what years we were on the Chinese calendar to "What do you think about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world?" to quantum physics, especially as it was presented in What the Bleep Do We Know? a.k.a. the best movie ever. At one point we were discussing whether or not the earth could survive without us. Skeptic's Best Friend said that everyone talks about trying to save the earth, but the truth is that the earth could destroy us and it will be here when we're all gone. Fellow Seeker said that he doesn't think the earth would exist without us. He made a comment about the importance of perception, kind of like the If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? question. I asked, "Isn't it egotistical for us to say that something doesn't exist unless we perceive it?" He didn't think so.

I remember Mentor asking me what 21-year olds talk about (actually, I'm always the youngest, generally in a group going up to 24). I said, "Philosophy." *Shrugs shoulders* It's true! I mean, of course we discuss movies and relationships and all that, but the meaning of life puts in an appearance quite often.

I'm reading so much right now, in between finals no less... Franny and Zooey and Killing the Buddha are the two spiritual ones that come to mind... and I will definitely post on them when I get a chance.

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