Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Me Mine

I know it was strange of me to summarize and quote the book without even commenting on it, but it has been too busy around here for me to write any more than I did. So I will resume.

I love the idea of spiritual seeking as simply another treasure hunt. It's true, isn't it? Religion is for our self-gratification just like everything else. It even admits that to us, telling us that God doesn't need us but we need God. I think everything in life is a treasure hunt. All we do is search and search for things - love and happiness and money and knowledge and God and legacy - and I think we start to fear death (or at least resent it) when we realize that it will cut us off from everything we've grabbed onto our entire lives. Some people will tell you that love outlives death or that seeking God will extend over into the after-life, but no one knows for sure. It's a nice thought, though. But is that all it is? I hope not.

I also loved the book because it shows how intellectual pursuits can really screw you with spirituality. That has definitely been the case in my life. The more I read and explore and learn, the more I realize (as most of us do) that we really don't know anything at all. According to the Oracle at Delphi, knowing that is wisdom in itself. Maybe so. Seems too easy, though. Knowing that we don't know anything doesn't seem so wise to me. It seems like common sense, and something everyone will eventually discover if they pay enough attention.

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