Saturday, May 07, 2005

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

I chucked The Purpose Driven Life. It got on my nerves. Maybe Mother will get something out of it.

Serious circumstances in my life are getting even more difficult, if that can be imagined. And - what a surprise - my spiritual life is suffering. Heavily. I don't blame God for what has happened, but I am weary and becoming disinterested in things fast. I don't have any desire to go to church or pray for the things that I want to come true because, in the words of Edith Bunker, "What good does it do?" (Today I watched the tear-jerker episode of All in the Family in which her cross-dressing friend Beverly is murdered and Edith, the model Christian, refuses to go to church.)

*Scribbles out Comfort* So, what else is on the religion list that doesn't apply to me anymore?


Tom said...

I dont really know you very well but I respect you and feel as if I do know you better than people I actually know................if that makes sense.

Guilt and Christianity were neatly joined by "church". Please don't feel too bad about a lost desire. An article I really like is

Not sure why I refer to it every few months but it relaxes me. I will pray on your behalf.

sojourness said...

Thank you Tom. I read the beginning of it and it looked good. Will finish when I have a chance.