Thursday, May 05, 2005

Extra, Extra

Dena suggested I do another one of these and I opted to jump on that suggestion rather than write my papers. I'm so pathetic. Bear with me. I just really like the challenge of having to come up with so much crap. (This is what happens when you create a blog about spirituality and you don't even go to church.)

100 More Things You Probably Don't Care To Know About Sojourness

1. I'm an editor of my college's feminist literary magazine.
2. We just put together our annual issue.
3. The only work I published in there was a poem called Eve's Lament.
4. I wanted a photograph or work of art that was Eve-ish to accompany the poem, but I wasn't around when they did design and layout so it didn't happen.
5. Screw it.
6. When we first moved to this house, I painted ivy leaves all along the walls and ceiling of my bedroom.
7. On the walls, I have Alice by Julia Cameron.
8. And The Storm by Pierre-Auguste Cot.
9. And Van Gogh's A Vase of Roses.
10. And Amazon Women.
11. My Amazon wishlist is 11 pages long and contains 269 items.
12. The books are mainly about topics I am obsessed with.
13. Like Women's Studies.
14. And Religion.
15. And Black History.
16. Right now I'm babysitting the kittens.
17. I have babysat a lot in my life.
18. When I was in high school, I babysat a seven-year-old terror.
19. He had a guinea pig that he claimed could fly.
20. He demonstrated this by constantly standing on top of his couch and dropping the poor thing.
21. Which eventually killed it.
22. And made him cry to me.
23. He and his mother moved to Florida, and I actually missed watching him.
24. I wish that I could be a writer, but I am no good at writing fiction.
25. If I ever wrote anything, it would have to be non-fiction.
26. Or fiction based on my life.
27. Because I have a lot of stories.
28. Don't we all?
29. I used to be able to write fiction when I was a kid, but I lost it somewhere.
30. I remember writing a story about three kids who stumble upon an underground community of Evangelical Christian elves who take them to their underground church.
31. I also wrote about a teenage girl who goes west with her family (during the pioneer days) and when she returns she finds her boyfriend cheating on her.
32. It was like Oregon Trail meets Maury.
33. I was a weird kid.
34. (Maybe it's better that I don't write fiction anymore.)
35. I wish I still had those stories, though.
36. When I was a senior in high school, we had to vote for senior celebrities (like Class Flirt, Class Clown, etc.)
37. My friends wrote me on the ticket as Class Hippie.
38. It didn't gain momentum, though.
39. Which was fine with me. I was happy to fade into senior class obscurity.
40. I didn't go to my prom.
41. My best friend and I went to a Weezer concert instead.
42. I think If You Leave Me Now by Chicago is one of the sweetest songs in the world.
43. It's not my favorite song, though.
44. In My Life is.
45. I was thinking that I'd like to play it at my wedding if I ever get married.
46. But the dead lovers and friends part is a little depressing.
47. I was chatting with a friend today and marriage came up.
48. I told him that I'm not going to get married unless it's to somebody extremely progressive who doesn't expect a barefoot and pregnant housewife.
49. He said that I have to get married because marriage and I are synonymous.
50. I'm really not sure what that means.
51. I asked him what it meant, and he said that when he thinks marriage, he thinks me.
52. Whatever.
53. I'm too bitchy to get married.
54. I am planning to be the single old woman who scares neighborhood children.
55. Can't you just see it?
56. I was wondering the other day why unmarried men are called confirmed bachelors while unmarried women are referred to as spinsters and old maids.
57. I get fed up with society often.
58. Maybe that's why I'm angry in my dreams.
59. My sister and I have a $50 bet going on who will get married first.
60. We made it a few years ago.
61. She's positive she's going to win.
62. She probably will.
63. My sister is a great writer of fiction.
64. She has a vivid imagination.
65. When we were kids, instead of having a regular imaginary friend, she used to write letters to Larry who lived in the radiator.
66. I'm surprised she never started a fire that way.
67. There was a fire in that house a year or so after we moved out.
68. But it didn't result from her and Larry's correspondence.
69. The house is still boarded up.
70. I wish I could do nothing all summer but bask in the sun and read.
71. But I have to work.
72. I'm interning at a publishing company.
73. Which has been my undergrad dream for a while.
74. A couple of years ago, I wrote up a list of things to do before I die.
75. Get Married was on it.
76. After Get a Ph.D.
77. I believe Try Sushi was there as well.
78. And Go To a Jazz Club.
79. I had better get on that.
80. I miss my cat terribly.
81. There's a stray cat on my block that looks just like her.
82. She was watching me as I was walking into the house yesterday.
83. I remember being on a date once, and as I was talking about driving, the guy looked at me and asked with a straight face, "Have you ever run over a cat?"
84. I think I have bad luck with dating.
85. I once dated a guy who was a twin, and I got he and his brother mixed up.
86. He didn't wear glasses, his brother did, and one day his brother lost his glasses.
87. My life is a cheesy sitcom.
88. This is a great stream-of-consciousness exercise.
89. I should do this on a regular basis in my private journal.
90. My mother borrowed my car tonight.
91. She just informed me that it wouldn't start until she jiggled the steering wheel.
92. Dear me, not again.
93. I love that car! I don't care if it has...quirks.
94. I named it Kate after Katharine Hepburn.
95. Because she passed away while I was trying to think of a name for it.
96. And I love her.
97. She and Spencer Tracy were wonderful together.
98. Never mind that he was married and not to her.
99. I'm almost done with her biography.
100. It's very good.

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