Monday, August 21, 2006

i am still trying to finish work that was due weeks ago. i have run out of things to write about in regards to my internship but i have pages left to fill up in my "professional journal." eek.

there is not much else to tell about... i have just been trying to organize what i will be doing in the fall. i need to start looking for a job. if i can find something that remotely interests me - like working in a library or museum rather than a mcdonalds - i will be very happy :)

i tried to get back into my exercise routine but that only amounted to doing my bellydance workout once and playing some volleyball in the pool. um... yeah.

i miss the days of going to yoga and aerobics classes and feeling fine!

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Anonymous said...

i work too damn much, i just read your blog for the first time in maybe 3 weeks, ttys, will try to visit next time, -nomad