Saturday, August 05, 2006

i'm in paris, and yet i cannot wait to go home. how carrie bradshaw am i??

i think that my perception of places is colored by my attitude while i'm there. for example, as soon as i left the train station in milan, an italian cab driver did not listen to my directions and then called me a 'putana' (whore) when he realized he took me to the wrong place. surprisingly, no matter how many nice things were there, i couldn't get into milan after that.

i was happy in nice because my hostel was close to the train station so i got to drop off my luggage and not pick it up again for a few days. and i saw great museums there.

i am not overjoyed at paris because i go home in two days - just two days! - and i am overly anxious. besides, i am tired of traveling alone. people are so much more important than places and things. everyone knows that in theory, but you don't fully realize it until you go to really amazing places and see really amazing things, but all you can think about are really amazing people.

crepes, on the other hand, are not something that need to be shared to be fully appreciated. i had a nutella crepe today, and to be honest, if boyfriend were here and tried to share it with me, i might have smacked him.

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