Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'm so bored with blogger templates. i guess that's what happens when you blog for over a year and are as capricious as me. i have been looking for other ones online but nothing good is ever free. i wish i knew how to design one instead of being a big mooching loser.

not much is going on. i still have to 'fare le valige' because i'm leaving sunday and i haven't done a damn thing. the big red suitcase is still empty. i just don't feel like doing it, which is so not a good reason but it's mine.

in addition to rereading love (i heart toni morrison) i have been reading portnoy's complaint because i also heart philip roth. i am almost done with it and am still not sure how i feel about it. i had heard that it would be so funny, and there have been a couple of funny bits, but certainly not as much as it was hyped up to be. i am not feeling particularly prudish - the gratuitous, at times offensive, sex descriptions don't offend me - but i am wondering what the point of them is. so far, all i can gather is that they are to show what a deranged obsession this man has with the c-word. the entire novel is one big therapy session, as he keeps speaking to "doctor" rather than me, the reader. so perhaps it is all a way to build this grand psychological picture of the main character. i'm not sure. i will not know whether or not it has been worthwhile until i finish it. yeah, it's one of those.

in other news:

i just went to the dentist and had some happy gas. oh baby.

i'm cooking frozen french fries for dinner. no, vegetarians don't have to eat this badly, i just do.

sister's boyfriend (have i mentioned him? they got together while i was away) has wiccan parents, so when he comes to pick her up, the bumper sticker on his (their) car says, wiccan army: no, we will not fly quietly into the night! ha ha, that shit cracks me up.

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