Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lifted from katie schwartz...

10 years ago:

  • i still rode a bike and had rollerblades.
  • i was captain of the school debate team - can you say nerd?
  • i wrote short stories and songs.
  • my "home & career skills" class teacher gave us that marriage/children project. i was married to a chubby chinese boy named harry and we had twins.
  • i still hung out primarily with my two childhood friends. we had sleepovers, worshipped tlc (as in the r&b group) and threw each other surprise birthday parties.
  • i had the best english teacher ever. she was a crazy old woman with curly red hair and glasses who loved me.
  • the principal offered me and a friend the chance to leave my class and go into the higher honors class. she turned it down but i took it, and everyone thought i was a traitor.
  • i slow-danced with a boy for the first time at a school dance.
5 years ago:

  • i slept on the sidewalk to meet paul mccartney.
  • my twin sisters were born ... while i was at a monkees concert.
  • i graduated high school.
  • i was a devout christian.
  • i went out each thursday for "coffee night" with my friends.
  • best friend and i ditched the prom to see weezer.
  • i lost 25-30 pounds thanks to tae bo and having no life.
one year ago:

i met the love of my life.

5 songs I know all the words to:

1. pretty much every beatles song
2. "one week" - barenaked ladies
3. "il cielo in una stanza" - mina
4. coldplay's "a rush of blood to the head" album
5. "piano man" - billy joel

5 snacks I love and wish I could eat:

1. quiznos' snickerdoodle toffee cookies
2. gelato :/
3. chips and guacamole
4. chewy sugar-free peanut butter cookies
5. zeppoles!

5 places I'd run away to:

1. italy
2. spain
3. ireland
4. mexico
5. greece

5 things I'd never wear:

1. stilettos
2. a weave
3. fake nails
4. pasties
5. contacts

5 favorite tv shows:

1. 30 days
2. sopranos
3. sex and the city
4. king of queens
5. i love lucy

5 greatest joys:

1. playing with my sisters
2. reading
3. laughing with friends
4. eating really good food
5. getting hugs from boyfriend

5 favorite toys:

1. my laptop
2. my ipod, if it wasn't so damn annoying
3. my digital camera
4. my car, lilith
5. my journal

5 people I'm tagging:

1. wolvie
2. andi
3. dena
4. nomad, to do on myspace se lei vuole
5. whoever else wants it


katie schwartz said...

you lifted beautifully :)
you're an interesting dame.

sojourness said...

thank you :)