Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i'm home now, and my internal clock is fucked up beyond recognition. so if anyone wants to hang out and catch up at 4.00 a.m., let me know because i'm down.

fun parts about coming home:

*kid sisters freaked out upon seeing me. like, freaked out.

*sister put up balloons, drawing by the girls, and blasted the theme song from 'welcome back kotter' as i walked into the house.

*seeing how gigantic baby sister is now that she is seven months old and actually doing things like trying to grab your face, sitting up by herself and hitting at her toys.

*cuddles from boyfriend.

less-than-fun parts about coming home:

*having internal clock screwed up.

*kid sisters are begging me to 'do the schmoop,' a hand puppet character i invented and desperately hoped they would forget about while i was in europe.

*baby sister has no idea who the fuck i am and screams when i try to drool all over her.

*knowing that i am leaving for about four months and when i return, i will be like a random stranger to baby sister. so sad, for me at least, especially when compared to the role i played with kid sisters when they were that age.


A. Estella Sassypants said...

Velcome home dahling!

n.v. said...

Welcome back, sugarbutt!

Your parents are still getting busy, eh? Seven months, wow. If my mom had another baby now, I'd have to kill her. It was bad enough when I was 15.

Hey, you're back! Yipeeee!

sojourness said...

thank you!!