Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Halloween

Yeah, I've slacked. Halloween came and went but I was too busy to blog about it. It was a pretty fun one.

My costume was Frida Kahlo. I bought a thick black unibrow and braided my hair up with flowers. Artsy Friend lent me a necklace with large red beads on it. I wore a long red skirt with a black shawl and carried a paintbrush.

The women at work got it. The men - with the exception of two - didn't. But after a quick email around the office with a picture of Frida and an expression of my dismay at Texans who don't know this, it was all good. We had a party in the afternoon and I won the "best costume" contest. It was tough - I was up against a 80s Rocker with fake tattoos and crazy hair, a bumblebee, a baseball player, a gypsy-ish cowboy, and an attendee of the "Miss Priss Charm School." But I snagged the Starbucks card, baby!

That evening Boyfriend had a class, and Friend From Work #2 (Miss Priss, as it turns out) asked me if I wanted to go out. So we did. We went to the parade on 6th Street. We spent the most time in a bar with a roof so we could just stand there and watch all the funny costumes. Awesome. I mean, they've got everything. Mario and Luigi and the Princess. Borat. Blind refs. And people downtown got my costume - "Hey, Frida!!"

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MGR said...

No Pictures..???
I boo you lady. BOO