Friday, November 30, 2007

I may or may not have mentioned before (sometimes I draft blog posts and then think they're boring and delete them) that I am going to break up with my therapist. She is a nice woman but I don't get much out of our time together, which I am paying for. I also have a problem with her - she insults my mother. Perhaps she thinks she is supporting me when I am talking about difficulties with my mother, but it just makes me annoyed and defensive. I mean, it's my mother, I don't want to hear someone who is almost a stranger say things about her. I don't have the cajones to confront her so I am just breaking up.

I signed up to do one of those studies, you know, where they pay you for an hour or two of your time. It's some kind of usability thing, I will be on a computer. Whatever - 1 hour, $75 baby. I wish I could do one of these every week :)

Last night I went to Artsy Friend's publication party. All the contributors to the journal read their stuff and it was fun. Artsy Friend gave me the new scarf she knitted for me, and then surprised me with an early Christmas gift - a feminist lit book that I had added to my wishlist not two days before! (Which she had no idea about.) She rocks.

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