Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I forewent (is that a word?) coffee this morning and during my marketing meeting, 10:00-11:00, I started to freak out. I kept thinking, "I want a cup of coffee. Give me coffee!"

Kind of scary.

Anyway, going home this week and staying for a week. Yay. I have presents for the sisters and will eat Thanksgiving turkey and good things and then come back. I have been working 10-hour days in order to make up for not working at all Friday and it has not been fun. I don't like leaving work in the dark.

When Best Friend visited, we ate out so much (in order to show her around) - Tex-Mex, barbecue, etc. - that after a day or two I felt like a flotation device. Recently I have been eating out a lot again because of Friend From Work 1 and 2's birthdays and whatnot, and I am starting to feel yuck. So today I made a clean start. Slimfast shake for breakfast. Now coffee. Going to log my calories once again and keep on top of it. And exercise! It is so hard to come home from work late and make time for exercise when you know you have to make dinner and clean up and study, but have to do it.

Sister called me the other morning after a rather conspicuous absence of communication and asked me to go to a concert with her this weekend. I was surprised and happy to be asked.

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