Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have been having fun at home so far. The traveling was horrendous with delays in St. Louis and weird things keeping us on the runway (the power plug was accidentally ripped out by some genius on the runway and we had to sit there waiting for maintenance to come, for one). But other than that, it's good. My mother is an impulse buyer who picked up a German shepherd a month or so ago, but he was trouble, and she gave him to a shelter (no-kill, of course... one of the good ones) yesterday. Thank God - that thing tried to rip my face off when I first came in the door.

Last night I went to that concert with Sister. I wasn't too keen on going because Sister is obsessed with meeting bands by their bus after shows, and I knew it was going to be time-consuming. But it was a band I knew - Switchfoot - so I went. Turns out they were playing with Relient K, a fairly huge band on the Christian scene, though I had never heard their stuff before. Anyway, it turned out to be awesome! I had so much fun. Sister was trying to pick up this guy next to us. "Should I talk to him?" she asked. "Yes," I said. "What should I say?"

. . .

"Do you believe in Jesus, hot stuff?"

We didn't get to meet the lead singer from Switchfoot because Mother was in the neighborhood and picked us up before he came out, but Sister got a pic with the guitarist from Relient. She was bummed though, and I was a little too - it would have been nice to meet Jon Foreman. But my feet hurt and it was cold and there were too many teens around.

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"Do you believe in Jesus, hot stuff?"