Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last night I did slight window shopping and then dinner with CL Friend. She is so cool; I am lucky to have met her. She's always up for anything - I could invite her to practically anything, even on short notice, and she will come. She always wants to make plans too. She is exactly the kind of girlfriend I was looking for on CL to begin with.

Tonight I am going to a publication party that Artsy Friend invited me to. She is having several poems published in her college literary journal and it must be really exciting for her. I will probably see old classmates/English profs there.

We are steadily moving towards the weekend, which I am happy about. I have a Writing Group happy hour to attend on Saturday evening (dragging Boyfriend along :) and I think the two of us are finally going to go see "The Darjeeling Limited." Oh, I am excited, "The Golden Compass" comes out next week!!

But mainly I can't wait to sleep in, which is my favorite part of weekends.


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I know, I read the books. You and I don't share the same beliefs, but thank you.