Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Gospel According to Sojourness

I have some thoughts on religion that I want to share. Getting back in touch with the roots of Sojourner's Truths! :)

They are pretty random but they were caused by various discussions and topics in my life recently. For example, when Future Priest referenced the controversy over the Golden Compass. After reading his comment I decided to go find some interviews with Philip Pullman to see just what he believes. I do not believe in the vision of the world as he described it in his novels - and who is to say that he does as well? It's fiction - but I thought they were incredibly well-done and he is extremely clever to have come up with such an original concept. Anyway, I found this interview which is really good. He takes up issue with C.S. Lewis, whom I adore, but I think the whole interview is interesting and this is definitely one smart guy who thinks for himself.

In addition, I was telling Boyfriend about my addiction to SIMS several years ago, when I got it for Christmas at 17. I believe it was just getting popular then. Sister and I would spend hours playing that game, and once the novelty had worn off and we were tired of getting them jobs and making their relationships work, we decided to invent interesting ways to kill them. For example, Sister would make sure that her Sims had no cooking skills whatsoever and then make them cook all the time until they set their kitchens on fire. I opted for creating a swimming pool, letting them get in and then deleting the ladder. They kept swimming for hours until they eventually drowned.

We must be some sadistic people because this was amusing to us, and I wondered, is this how the world really works? Is God sitting up there figuring out new ways to make us suffer for amusement?

Sounds like a terrible idea but hey, I did it to my Sims.

As I said, these are just random thoughts. I am not bashing God.

I remember years ago Veteran Seeker gave me the idea to make a list of affirmations - to write out what I do believe, in order to feel better about not knowing what I believe in some areas. I always intended to do this, on this very blog, but never did. I think I will now. It will be a little difficult because when I ask myself questions such as, "What do I believe about _____?" my answer is inevitably "I don't know." But I will give it a try.

I believe...
  • that there is a purpose for us. That we are here on earth for a reason.

  • that karma exists in some form. Things we do, good or evil, will come back to influence us (in our own lives or our children's lives, whatever).

  • that we are still conscious after death. I don't know what we experience but I think the soul is separate from the body - it is what animates the body - and so I don't believe that we simply lie in the ground and decompose.

  • that being good to others should spring from love and not fear of eternal punishment or karma.

  • that we should respect and honor the bodies we have been given (though I don't pretend to know who gave them to us).

  • that there is a force above humanity. I don't know if it's a personable god or just some energy, though.


Ira said...

heyy just curious, how old are you?
btw im not some guy who wants to hook up or anything hehe

sojourness said...

Early 20s.

fp said...

"The first page of John's Gospel: 'The Word of God, that is to say the expression of the need of the human heart, in other words the ultimate object of the desire of every man-Happiness-became flesh.'"---Msgr. Luigi Giussani, founder of Communion and Liberation

That's what’s special. We didn't go up, He came down to us, to be both human and divine, because of love, because He is love.

Love is a different motivation than hate. Hate, as we have seen, leads to perverse children's books, to unequal distribution of resources, to holocausts. Love transcends, Love enlightens, Love cares, yes, He cares for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across your blog when I was googling something and have been interested in what you have to say. I enjoy reading C.S. Lewis too. Have you ever read his "Mere Christianity?" It is really amazing.