Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I did a study for a local research firm the other day on my lunch hour. It was a website usability thing - which site did I like best, what did I think about them, etc. - and they gave me $75 for being there for about 45 minutes. It rocked. Who couldn't use that, especially around the holidays?

Drinking tea this morning. It's a nice change, though I simply don't like it as much as I like coffee. Shame, too, because it's supposed to be better for you, but I can't make the switch.

I have been thinking about doing some volunteer work. I know it seems I don't have the time but I'm sure I could find a little and I have had this tug on my heart for a while. (Maybe it's the holidays; I'm not sure.) There's a great website for pairing you up with opportunities in your area called VolunteerMatch. Thinking I will peruse that shortly.

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