Friday, December 14, 2007

Last night was our company Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed this one more than last year's, perhaps because I am more comfortable and actually know everyone's name now ;)

We went to a fancy barbecue restaurant. It's probably the only one in town (in existence?) but that's their gimmick - you dress up to go have barbecue. A couple of us were skeptical but it actually really worked. The food was awesome and the ambience was great too.

Boyfriend and I sat at a table with Friend From Work and his wife, and they were wildly entertaining and fun with their anecdotes about the company. They are both very sarcastic, funny, intellectual, quirky people, which is what I really enjoy about FFW at work. His wife is the same exact way.

At the end of the night Friend From Work #2 came to our table to announce that apparently we had prepaid for hundreds of dollars more from the bar than we had spent at that point, so everyone had better start drinking. It would have been fun to stick around, have expensive drinks on the company's dime and watch my coworkers and superiors get drunk, but I have a literature test this afternoon and I knew I needed to get home and into bed.

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