Friday, December 21, 2007

You know what is exciting me most about the holidays? (And this is quite sad, so be prepared.) I am taking a break from my schoolwork and can read WHATEVER I WANT! Yes! Yes!

I am a total nerd but damn, I'm excited. I've got a ton of books I've been mooching and collecting and taking out of the library but haven't had a chance to read. And now? I am even looking forward to long flights because of this.

I'm sure I'll change my mind a half hour into said flight, but I'm just saying.

Now I'm not big on presents - I enjoy them but I could just as easily go without because I have everything I need in life - but Boyfriend claims to have "gone a little overboard" on my wishlist and we are expecting a veritable deluge of books to be at the house by the time we get back on the 1st. I get chills just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

you are CUTE, a little sad, but CUTE>>!!!

sojourness said...

You are sweet - a little mean, but sweet.


I WOULD agree on the sad part, except if a certain someone else hears that I'll have two of you to deal with when I eventually visit. :P

fp said...

Merry Christmas !!!

May God continue to bless you now and always.