Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My cousin, the teen mom with a 'tude who I have just recently forgiven for being a jackass even though I got a bootleg apology, is on my ass about religion now.

I shouldn't say that - she means well and it is just a conversation - but it is starting to piss me off. She has assumed that I am an atheist and is asking if it is because of certain life events I have been through. We are no longer close at all and I don't feel these are questions I should have to answer over MySpace. Finally I said, "I'm not an atheist, I'm agnostic, and I'd rather not talk about it."

What is it about religion? Other people can't just have it, they've got to push it on you too. It's like what Larry David said in that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry: Why do Christians take everything so personally with Christ? You know? It's like, not only do you have to worship Him, you want everybody to. It's like, I like lobster. Do I go around pushing lobster on people? Do I say, "You must like lobster. Eat lobster! It's good, it's good." It's not only where you live. You go to Africa. You travel all over the world. "Eat lobster! Have some more lobster. It's good."

Cheryl: I don't really think it's...

Larry: "We want you to have lobster!"

She just sent me another message asking if Boyfriend and I live together. Good God, am I going to get a sex-before-marriage speech from teen mom??

What a day :)


cheekynomad said...

i'd like to be the first to sign up for taking advice on extra-marital affairs from a teen mom

fp said...

Christians want to spread the message of Jesus (some are pushy, like they would be about anything because that's their personality), and they get offended when people are cruel towards Christ because Christianity is not just a "religion" but a relationship with the God who loves us so much that He became one of us and died on the cross for our sins, to rise on Easter, thereby defeating the devil so that we can be with the good God in heaven. To keep that tucked away in our pocket and not share it with the whole world, that would be the crime.

Granted I know nothing about you and your cousin but... sometimes it's good to listen to those that have made mistakes and learned from them(Saint Augustine and Dorothy Day)...and let's face it who hasn't made mistakes. We all do, and we just get back up again and walk with the Lord once more.

Andi said...


Good luck with that.

sojourness said...

I was not cruel towards Christ and didn't say anything that would "offend" a Christian. My cousin approached me with a lot of personal, inappropriate questions, and I answered them honestly and civilly.

Christians never seem to think that maybe it offends ME to be judged and told I'm a sinner.

I will never take advice from my cousin who most certainly has never learned from a mistake. I'm not even talking about the pregnancy - how about the saying horrible things about the disabled and spreading nasty rumors about your friends and family?

fp said...

i was talking about larry david and never said to take advice but just listen, there's a difference.

and i never judged you.

sorry if you misunderstood me, really.