Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Beautiful Friendship

Buon giorno readers. I am in a good mood for a change so I will B.S. and tell some fun stories and actually post something that is not depressing :)

Things are going great with New Boyfriend. He gets along well with Fellow Seeker. The other day, the three of us hung out for a while, and it was so much fun. Fellow Seeker is incredibly entertaining - he talks a lot (in a good way!) and he makes us laugh so much. He is also very inquisitive, which is good payback for New Boyfriend because he is always asking me questions. N.B. is from India so F.S. asked him a lot of questions about it. He asked, "Is it true that if a cow wanders into traffic, everyone just stops because cows are sacred?" N.B. replied, "Well, yes, cows are sacred, but that's not why everyone stops. Everyone stops because there's a gigantic cow in the middle of traffic." :) N.B. said that F.S. and I probably know more about Hinduism than he does, though I highly doubt it. As I have stated, he is not religious, but he doesn't mind my fanatical obsession with spirituality. Last night we walked past a Baptist church and he noticed me eyeing it and asked if I was scouting out a future exploration. I'm glad that he's willing to go to the Hindu temple with me also, because I am nervous in houses of worship where I don't know the customs.

That night, F.S. told N.B. the story of how we first met. It's a quaint little story and I don't think I've ever mentioned it here. Over a year ago, I think it was in April... I had just met Devout, and we were sitting on the steps in a park, just talking. I met her because of our common love of literature, but ironically enough, after we began talking we realized that we both attended the same Christian college for a time. Anyway, we were sitting there when F.S. showed up. He went to the same college and was friends with Devout. She introduced us and they began talking as I sat and listened. When F.S. tells the story, he says that he was trying to determine what type of Christian I was - conservative or otherwise. He talked to Devout about something he had done during a recent drinking escapade, and I chimed in, "Oh, when I'm drunk, I like to lead sing-alongs." His eyes lit up with excitement as he realized that not only was I a liberal Christian, but a fairly bad one at that. A kindred spirit :) He was carrying with him a colossal book of Plato and at one point he asked me if I had ever read Plato. I opened my purse and pulled out The Dialogues of Plato, which I just happened to be reading at the time. It was so bizarre. The rest is history. Yesterday N.B. and I were talking and he asked if F.S. and I ever fight. I thought about it and said no, we have never fought. Not once. Then I realized how amazing that is. F.S. is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, and I am so blessed to have him in my life. We just get along so well. He likes to say that if I were a man, he would date me. Funny, funny guy :)


n.v. said...

Hey, hot stuff:

I realized after your comment yesterday that you're not even on my list of blogs. Didn't you used to be?? Yes, you did. I wonder if I deleted you by askident. Do you mind if I link to you again? I'd hate to insult your thoughtful blog with a link from my idiotic one, but I'm gonna do it anyway until you tell me to take it down.


sojourness said...

Oh my, I used to be on your list but I thought you intentionally took me off for some reason, lol. I would be honored to be linked to again, your blog is one of my absolute favorites :)

Loooove the highlights.

fp said...

again y do u carry books?
how are we friends? oh yea cause ur kool

sojourness said...

At least I don't carry around sketches of Mother Teresa, F.P. (N.B. is from Calcutta, his mom worked with Mother Teresa, thought you'd appreciate that :)

My buddy the Traveler once told someone in front of me that I'm kind of nerdy, but a cool nerd.

Ed Viswanathan said...

I like your style of writing. Please go on writing.