Sunday, July 17, 2005

No Remorse

Fellow Seeker went to a Unitarian church this morning. I wasn't able to go with him, but I made him call me as soon as the service finished to give me a full report. He told me yesterday that he was looking forward to going because it's not a Christian church. I said, "Goodness, I feel the same way! I have such a distaste for those lately, and I don't know why." He said that at the same time, the Unitarian church has a somewhat Christian foundation, which is true. Today he reported that they had a cross there, but there was no mention made of Jesus. There were no Bibles, either. The lyrics to the hymns were all about universal principles such as love and friendship. The pastor said that Eve was the first secular humanist because she wanted knowledge, and despite the fact that people say that secular humanism will destroy this country, it is really our only hope because it emphasizes human responsibility. Interesting stuff. I want to go with him next time. I told him, "This sounds like our church!"

I was having brunch with Mother today, and I mentioned a Bible verse that she quotes a lot: 1 Timothy 4:2, which talks about people "whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron." I said, "You know that verse about consciences being seared? I feel like that has happened to me a little." Before I got a chance to elaborate on why, she said, "Yeah, completely." I raised my eyebrows but ignored it and went on to use a specific example. I have always been the type of person to feel very guilty about things and avoid confrontation. Recently, however, I spoke up to someone who did something to hurt me, and I feel that my conscience has been altered because I don't regret it. Normally I would worry about hurting the person and ignore my own feelings, but I am not like that as much anymore (obviously I still care about people's feelings, just no longer place them over my own all the time). Mother said, "Well, of course, you got fed up with it." Then I asked, "What did you mean when you agreed about my conscience? About religion?" She said, "Yeah, about everything. It's like everything that you once believed in... you don't care about it anymore."

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