Thursday, May 31, 2007

Every so often my wisdom tooth that never really had enough room to come up fully starts acting up. The gums around it become red and inflamed, and I am sucking down Orajel like nobody's business. I am currently having one of my episodes, and it is not fun.

You know what else was not fun? Last night. My illustrious writing career *snort* afforded Boyfriend and I the privilege of attending an advance screening of a movie because I had to review it. I was all excited about a free night out and we went to the movie theater way early (didn't know how long it would take to find the place). We must have stood on line for twenty minutes or so just to get popcorn. All of the lines were long but our adolescent server seemed much slower than the other adolescent servers. So we started off the night a little frustrated, because who wants to wait twenty minutes for popcorn?

Anyway, we found an elderly gentleman at the door who gave us a free newspaper and pointed us in the right direction. When we got into the actual theater, it was packed. PACKED. Not only that, but with dozens of children, even small ones. Had I been misinformed? Was this a children's movie?

The gentleman went in with us and tried to help us find some seats. He told us that we could go sit in that middle row that was nearly completely empty, so we did, along with another woman and her kids/friends/I didn't notice who. Once we stepped into the row, however, an elderly woman stormed over to us. "It hasn't been released yet," she told me. "What?" I asked her. She was visibly flustered and yelled at me, "IT HASN'T BEEN RELEASED YET!" I still didn't know what she was talking about, but it soon became clear that she was telling us we couldn't sit in that row. We told her that the elderly gentleman (her husband?) told us we could, and she said, "Well, he didn't tell ME that. You just stand over there in the aisle while I go check with him." At this point, I was annoyed at having been yelled at by a perfect stranger who did not work at the theater, so when I saw the woman we were with sit down anyway, Boyfriend and I did the same. The woman stormed back over. "I just want to thank you for not listening to me," she fumed, as she stood over us. She kept saying it and wouldn't leave. I pointed out to her that I didn't have to listen to her since I didn't even know her, but she just kept on with her tirade. She ended with, "It is probably okay for you to sit here, but I just want to thank you anyway for not listening to me." The woman next to us yelled, "You're welcome!" and the old woman left.

So I was pissed off to begin with.

Then the movie was not so hot. It was entirely predictable and I was so tired from work I guess that my eyelids kept drooping. At some points I was nearly passed out on Boyfriend's shoulder. And all of the is-this-teenage-girl-going-to-have-sex-with-this-guy suspense really made me uncomfortable in terms of all of the children hanging from seats nearby.


fp said...

sorry about the tooth...hope you get better

cheekynomad said...

the worst movie i ever saw was because of a free ticket that a reviewer didn't want to use. that should've been my first clue. U-Turn, what? never heard of it? Good!