Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The world was created in 7 days, but was it profitable?

I read that on a white board walking through the office this morning, and chuckled.

I don't seem to have much to say these days. I guess you could say I'm depressed. You know, just one of those weeks or months or something. The Sopranos isn't helping. It's never been a fun, happy, upbeat show, but the last two episodes were so dark... I don't want to watch something that's going to make me feel upset afterwards.

In other news, Sister is supposed to fly here next week and stay with us. With Sister you never know, but we are booking the ticket and it looks like it will happen. It will be fun at first; I just hope we don't fight.

Yesterday I went to dinner with Artsy Friend. She is going to Florence on Saturday, for a month. Lucky. We talked about our former classmates from Honors World Lit and about Italy. German chocolate pie for dessert. Good stuff.

What else to say? I dunno. Blah.

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