Monday, June 04, 2007

It's cool this morning. I know it won't last, but it is a refreshing break. Yesterday it was in the 90s or even 100; I burned my hands on the steering wheel. Then last night a storm came that flooded the streets. Lightning flashed, thunder crashed and torrents of water came in through the crack underneath our door. It was monstrous. Broke the heat, though, which is the important thing. Although I suspect that when I get out of the office today it will be just as bad as before. Maybe.

Sister has been difficult to entertain. She is a finicky eater, which means no barbecue or Tex-Mex for her. She is also not very adventurous or curious, which means she doesn't like any of the fun things I thought she certainly would. I know my sister and I are different, and I haven't been planning museum trips for her. But taking her to an enormous, beautiful natural pool on a sweltering day... somehow she still found a way to complain and take cheap shots at me. It's just her personality, I guess.

I love her, but sometimes it is hard to live with her. It looks like it will be another couple of weeks or so. At the end of June, the beau and I are going to San Antonio for a few days ... early anniversary celebration. In July we will be going back home because his parents are coming in from Indonesia. I don't know that I can be there as long as he'll be (3 weeks) because of my job, but we shall see what happens. I want to see my family as well, particularly the sisters.

The pool was beautiful. I bought myself a navy blue bathing suit with a hint of a skirt along the front, and a flopsy white hat that Boyfriend says makes me look like I'm on my way to the Kentucky derby. The water in the pool - the one in which Robert Redford first learned how to swim at age five, and the Native Americans formerly believed had healing properties - was freezing, but after you got past the initial shock, it was great. Although I did make the unfortunate discovery that I don't know how to swim as well as I thought I did. Or, at all? I haven't swam in years and I just flopped around with a significant amount of trouble. Boyfriend and I are probably going to go all summer and he is helping me relearn, or learn for the first time, depending on how you look at it :P


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Andi said...

Wow, that pool looks great. I'd probably give a kidney to wallow around in that right now!