Thursday, June 07, 2007

I overheard a conversation between an IT guy and a Dev guy earlier, both of whom constantly talk to and flirt with the Marketing intern who has only been here a couple of months but have rarely ever spoken to me in the nine months I've been here.

Dev Guy: *laughs* What can I say? Cute intern, not-cute intern. *laughs some more*

Considering we are the only interns at this company, I have a sneaking suspicion he was referring to me.


MGR said...

fuck him(them)

you are delisssshhhhhhhh

cheekynomad said...

i like you better, besides, you can read, she can "market" herself

sojourness said...

Thank you MGR, whoever you are! lol

Thanks cheeky. I wonder if I should start sitting on the floor or laying down on the desk with my ass up in the air while these guys work on my computer or wearing extremely short red exercise/biker shorts, as she does (?)

As I told Bro, the guy who said it is ugly as sin and I have a boyfriend anyway, but did I need to hear that I am the ugly intern? (And I'm not an intern anymore, I'm full-time goddammit!)