Monday, June 25, 2007

How could it be Monday again so soon? Geez.

Last night I tried my hand at a healthy stuffed peppers recipe that came out well - yay! Boyfriend and I are trying to eat better in addition to exercising so I took some cookbooks out of the library, but most of those recipes were too complicated. The peppers weren't. Woot.

Tonight I have yoga and I am struggling with myself because I know I should go but I feel lazy and tired.

I miss meditation class. Was supposed to go last night but didn't want to spend time out of my weekend there since I had school work to do, and since Boyfriend and I will be apart for a good three weeks soon. Maybe I should have gone. Maybe I will go tomorrow or Friday. I love it.

I did listen to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" in the car this morning, though, so I got some chanting in that way. I'm pissed that I left disc 2 in New York. Argh!

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