Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great weekend folks. Yesterday Boyfriend and I went to a coffee house on the lake to meet up with some members of my book club. You see, I decided to attempt a revival, so I sent out a new call for members. Book Club Friend is willing to come back, which is great, and some new people expressed interest, so we decided to meet yesterday to get to know one another and choose a first book. Two people came - a guy and a girl - and we decided on a book and that was that.

Today Boyfriend and I went to the local arcade so I could play Dance Dance Revolution. I have only played it once in my life - six years ago, in high school, at a party - but I have always had fond memories. Amazing exercise, folks. After five minutes, you are DRIPPING with sweat. Thinking if I go and spend 50 cents a day after work, I can be skinny in about two weeks. (Hee!)

Meditation is going well, though I have trouble with the breathing one ("Gauranga"). I wind up out of breath. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or just not used to it. I am planning to go to class early on Wednesday to ask the instructor questions. I am also looking to learn how to pray the rosary. Ideally I would like to do both each day, maybe rosary in the morning and meditation in the evening, or whatever.

Oh yeah, and I want to switch my mantra to saying the names of goddesses instead of gods. Looking into it.

Last night and this morning I watched the Royal Shakespeare Company movie version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I loved reading the play and wanted to watch the movie version, and I thought I had reserved the Calista Flockhart/Christian Bale/Kevin Kline version, but I was wrong. I don't care, though... this version was experimental and weird and colorful and absolutely fantastic. I would like to see their other productions as well.


fp said...

does it have to be names of "gods" and "goddesses"?

sojourness said...

No, it doesn't, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Trying to find one about peace and love.