Friday, August 24, 2007

For those of you concerned about energy expenditure, use Blackle instead of Google. Same search engine, more green.

(I think it's sexy looking, too.)

Day 12

So I read the calorie guidelines more carefully, and I am supposed to be burning 500-750 more calories than I take in each day, not 300 like I had been doing. Yesterday I got it up to 500 because of a long, one hour walk we took. Guess that will be the minimum goal from now on. 500 calories per day equals loss of 1 pound a week, as 1 pound of fat equals 3500 calories.


cheekynomad said...

i like your new routines of physical activity but will not support meticulous (sp?) calorie counting. you're getting healthy the right way, the weight loss should be the added perk :P

next time i come visit you in SI im bring fruits...lots of them.

sojourness said...

Get real lady.

cheekynomad said...

haha, fine, i'll bring chocolate to dip the fruits

sojourness said...

I meant get real about weight loss being an added perk, I DO eat fruit, lol.