Monday, August 13, 2007


  • I did not write my essay, but I did outline it and get that approved by the professor so I can write it this week.
  • I did revise my review.
  • I did not write my article.
  • I did drink wine :)
  • I did watch a movie - Bee Season on HBO on Demand. Interesting but a bit disappointing.
  • I did not go swimming.
  • I did go out to dinner! Boyfriend took me out in celebration of an important writer's milestone I have crossed. We went to an Italian restaurant where I had a peach Bellini and we ate bruschetta and shrimp scampi and Italian cream cake. Mmmmmmm.
  • I did exercise - Boyfriend and I went walking, uphill and along the track, at a local park.
  • I did forget those fucks. I'm done trying.

I also...

  • Finished two books.
  • Bought some sorely needed picture frames and other home-y materials.
  • Relaxed :)
Good weekend.

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