Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This morning I met with the COO and they are having me do a whole bunch of work on the marketing plan for our company's new product. I suppose they are going to really make me work for this new salary. I don't care; I feel important! And consequently, happy.

I have decided to go to the mall this weekend and buy some fabulous new clothes. I detest clothes shopping and tend to dress like a hobo in order to avoid it, but I am still on my work high and want to be a stud.

Gosh I wish the Traveler was in town to go with me! :) She should have one of those shows where you make people over, I swear.

I really want to buy a dress. I don't think I own a dress. Not a fancy one, but something to wear to work and out for drinks with friends. Something like this maybe?

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cheekynomad said...

oooo! damn. i really wanna be there. minute i read you wanted to go shopping (before u even mentioned me :P)i thought of all the possibilities.

i like the idea of a wrap dress, go for a deep V cut (u can wear a cami underneath) and NO BROWN.