Friday, August 03, 2007

How did I get TLC's "What About Your Friends?" stuck in my head? I mean, that's not even CrazySexyCool... that's the older album I had on cassette. Not exactly classic, and I have no idea how it popped in.

I am working on a project that, while important, is boring as all hell. It is one of those tedious things that doesn't require much thought so I wish I could listen to music while doing it, but my comp's sound doesn't really work and I don't have headphones anyway. Madonna.

Boyfriend is back tomorrow night; thank Goddess, I swear. I'm not letting him out of my sight for the rest of the year.

There is a bad smell in this building and they say it is probably because a raccoon came in and died. Yummy.

Speaking of wildlife, I saw deer on the way to work this morning. Two men, with the antlers, and a woman. Gorgeous.


Andi said...

Oh God, now I have that song in my head. EEEEK!

sojourness said...

lol ... well you have exacted your revenge, because when I saw your comment, it reminded me and now I have it stuck in my head all over again!