Sunday, September 16, 2007

Five Strengths

Musing Woman tagged me for a meme. I have to name five of my strengths as a writer/artist. For some reason we hate pointing out positive things about ourselves. And when I say "we," I mean "me," but here goes.

  1. I have a wealth of material and resources; my best stuff is based on people I know and things I've been through.
  2. I have the ability to pack a lot of feeling and description into relatively small space. I've written some pieces that were only a few paragraphs long but got incredible feedback, that readers felt like they really knew the characters and such.
  3. Poetry comes easy to me. It's not always good - I would say 50% of my poems are crap and 50% are good, but the good ones (like the bad) just come to me. I can sit down and write a poem I'm really proud of in five minutes, and rarely need to edit more than a word here and there.
  4. I am a very sentimental writer. My work has made people cry (mainly things I write about a person will make that person cry).
  5. I can come up with really great imagery. I wish I could do it more often - I feel like you can read several pages and then be struck by this one great sentence, and I wish I could sprinkle them more liberally throughout. But I appreciate that I get them at all.
I tag my writer friends: Wolverine, Andi


Andi said...

Gah! This one is going to be hard. I'll get back to you!

musing said...

It is hard to point out positive things, isn't it? But, I'm glad you accepted the challenge. :)

And I'll add a no. 6 to your list. You write in a natural and unforced way. I like that.

sojourness said...

Yes, it was very hard.

Thank you! :)

Andi said...

Done! I posted it on Estella Scribbles.