Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday

Today we enter the Goddess Birth Sign of Venus. She teaches us about love in all its form: self-love, love for others, and love for mother earth and all her creatures.

The Roman goddess born of heaven and sea, revered for her gifts of fertility, sensuality and above all, love.

I walk in beauty

Every time I see students coming from class (I live on a college campus), I get jealous. Every time I hear about someone's experiences in their lit classes or women's studies classes, I nearly freak.

I've always felt a strong tie with academia. Ever since I started college I was in love. Nowadays, college is the afterthought. My lit classes are more of a nuisance at night when I'm tired from work than something I enjoy. I don't have classmates and great discussions and professors to give me feedback on my papers, and God, I miss it!

I work in the marketing world but it's not my passion. Publishing gets closer - writing, editing, especially about issues that matter to me. But I have always walked around saying, "I'm going to be a professor, I'm going to get my Ph.D., I'm going to be an academic rockstar," and I totally forgot about it in the past year or so.

I am very close to finishing my B.A. and I really need to think about grad school because it's important to me. Like, really important.


So I need costume ideas for Halloween. Last year everyone dressed up at the office and we had a party - there was William Wallace in a kilt with blue and white paint on his face, a whoopee cushion, a pirate... you get the idea. I want to do something fun but something I can design myself (and not pay for a costume, if I can help it). Suggestions? :)


Andi said...

8-Ball Jesus. That's what I was going to be one year. Jesus with a cube of answers like "Watch for the lightning" and "I died for this?"

musing said...

Halloween suggestion: Julie D'Aubigny, known as La Maupin. The flamboyant, swashbuckling, bisexual opera singer.:)