Monday, September 10, 2007

One of the suggested affirmations from the inner goddess newsletter in my inbox this morning:

My smile comes easily.

I think that's a really good one, especially because I'm a super-bitch.

Well, not really, but sometimes I get agitated. I had a bit of a rough morning today because my wisdom tooth is impacted or whatever and I'm in great pain. Couple that with the fact that my ring didn't fit and I was totally pissed.

You see, over the weekend Boyfriend and I went to the local Celtic store that I have been wanting to check out for a long time. I have wanted a piece of Celtic jewelry for years now. We found a beautiful silver ring - I will take a picture of it the next time it fits on my fat finger - and he bought it for me. I just love it. This was Saturday, and this morning it doesn't fit. Why, oh why?

I think maybe because I had just gotten out of the shower. You know how clothes don't go on as easily right after you bathe?

I hope that's it. I love that frigging ring.

This weekend was great in terms of eating well and exercising. I played catch (softball), did jazzercise tapes and went for long, arduous walks that made me super sweaty. Woot, baby.

*Image from Thalia Took, an amazing artist. Check her out. I'm a big fan.

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