Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where is Bumpkin?

I had the problematic wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. I was so frightened about it, and it turned out to be nothing at all. It didn't even hurt! Except for the injection, and that was so minor.

The thing that is bugging me is the afterwards pain. The bleeding yesterday was both disgusting and stressful but that has stopped now. Now I am just rinsing with an antibiotic that makes all my food taste bad. Eh, I can live with that for a week.

I decided that I needed some new girlfriends so I went on Craigslist and solicited some. I have been talking with one woman - I guess I will call her CL Friend - who is totally cool. We do the same kind of work and her relationship reminds me of mine (though she's married) and I think we will get along great. We are meeting for drinks and appetizers after work Friday. (My drink will have to be a Diet Coke because I am still hopped up on Vicodin.)

I am just so happy. I know I am an emotional person with mood swings and such but in my life, right now, I am just so happy. I lay in bed and think that before I go to sleep. Life is just so good. (We'll see how happy I am when I go home for a stressful Thanksgiving, but that's another story ;)

Oh, I also joined a group of people who meet for lunches in different restaurants. I love eating out and don't know all that many places in my somewhat-still-new city so I joined. I went to one on Tuesday and the people were cool and the food was good. Fun!

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