Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wisdom Tooth Conspiracy

I'm sorry, but I've gotta share this. I found this online and it struck me as positively hysterical.

Wisdom teeth are, in fact, the result of a wide-reaching, global conspiracy of the dentistry industry. They have known about genetic engineering for years, but they have selfishly used this knowledge to introduce wisdom teeth into the human gene pool for their benefit. Ever notice how dentists are so eager to remove your wisdom teeth? In fact, we suspect the nitrous oxide manufacturing companies are in on this gig as well.

Think about it. Wisdom teeth are not necessary for eating food, nor for any normal vital activity. They do nothing but take up space and cause pain, and perhaps incur cavities in the victim, since they are conveniently hard to brush.

Sure, you might hear archeologists talking about finding wisdom teeth in the skeletal remains of homo erectus, but they, too, have been manipluated and brainwashed by the dentists of America. Humans have no need for wisdom teeth, nor have they ever. It is a money-making ploy, and nothing more. Any evidence you see the contrary is the work of the conspirators as well.

I think I'm missing something here. Dentists are responsible for the fact that wisdom teeth grow in our mouths?

Don't believe the hype. Wisdom teeth are a hoax.

Oh, how I wish they were.


fp said...

get well soon and good luck on your final

Andi said...

I'm totally on board with that theory!