Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I found out today that I do have a dry socket. I knew it... when I read that a dry socket causes the worst pain imaginable, I knew that's what I have. I went back to the surgeon yesterday and he said maybe it was a muscle thing, since everything looked good. I went back today in desperation: "Please, help me!!" He decided to "go inside" and see what was up. Great.

Well, he found some knot of tissue that was covering my dry socket, which was why he didn't see it. Is that normal? No. Of course not. He took it out and now I've gotta... you know what? I don't remember.

I'm tired and drugged.

I also have to go back to the surgeon on Friday, then take a final that afternoon, and lose pay for practically the whole day.

Does someone want to kill me now?

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