Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I tend to get premonitions about things. Not always, and not about important things that actually matter, but often enough for me to notice. I don't understand, however, why I never listen to them. If I know I get them and they tend to be right, why do I not listen? Like today I was supposed to go to lunch with Friend From Work #2, and I thought this morning, "I should bring a back-up lunch in case it falls through," but I didn't. And she can't make it. We've rescheduled, which is cool, but I don't have lunch. Hmm.

Yesterday I took my Shakespeare final and I was so pleased with myself that I spent the night doing nothing but relax, even though I had other studying to do. I watched "Room Service," the Marx Bros. movie, that I took out of the library. God, that was what I needed - a few giggles.

Okay, so we've got these new disposable coffee cups in the office that are thin, slim, pretty and fuzzy instead of the white styrofoam boring ones, but these new ones hold 16 ounces so when I feel like I'm having one cup of coffee, I am actually having two. The other day I inadvertently had four (cups of coffee, not sixteen ounce servings) and my hands started shaking.

That said, I just finished one sixteen ounce (or two cups of coffee) and am wanting more. Resist ... the ... temptation ....

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cheekynomad said...

i call that 'thinking in advance'