Monday, October 29, 2007

The Right Fit

I'm in a good mood. Good things just keep happening.

- I hate clothes shopping. Maybe there are some big women out there who enjoy it, but I am not one of them. It is a painful procedure that must be completed and over and done with as quickly as possible (just ask Boyfriend). Well, yesterday we were at the mall getting it over and done with as quickly as possible when I noticed that Lane Bryant has a new jean system. It's probably just a gimmick that won't really last but the fact that their sizes ran from 1-5 prompted me to ask the saleswoman about it. (I needed new jeans, desperately.) She said that I would need to be measured because the new "Right Fit" sizes don't correspond to regular sizes. Okay, I'm a good sport, I let her wrap the measuring tape around me. "Do you have any problems with jeans?" she asked. "Why, yes, the ones that fit around my waist are baggy in the butt and thigh areas." "Okay," she replied. "I'm going to put you in a 4 yellow. What kind of jeans do you like?" "Flare please," I said, then took them from her and made for the dressing room. I don't know what I expected but I did not expect to come bounding out of there like a goddess in dark denim. Yes, friends, it hugged all the right places without being tight or uncomfortable. I was in love. I must have said "Thank you" to this woman four times.

- I just went to Michael's for the first time. It was like this great nostalgic moment. All the memories of trips to the crafts store with my mother throughout my childhood rushed back to me as I smelled the cinnamon and looked through aisle after aisle of paints, fabrics, yarns, hoops, fake flowers and hot glue guns. I just felt happy in a goofy way. I bought some accessories for my costume and also a pack of colored pencils, just because I like to spoil myself. (I don't paint anymore; I draw. I realized I kept drawing decent pictures and then destroying them when I painted over them.)

- Friend From Work #1 gave me a big, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie about five minutes ago.


Anonymous said...

i walked past LB the other day and wanted to go in but knew i'd look dumb doing so...very cool jeans, though i will always suggest a bootcut, that's just me. are we shopping when u come here? :)?!

i can shop vicariously through you since im still searching...

Andi said...

I had the very same exact reaction to those jeans!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I have many pairs in different washes and cuts and they're must miraculous. MIRACULOUS. I wanna kiss whoever came up with the system.