Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Cranky

This is Day #3 of the crankiness that comes with being a woman. You know? Why am I so cranky anyway? I have been having a grand old time the last few days.

Ah well.

I've worked out how to go home for a week, be there on the actual day of Thanksgiving, and still avoid the Thanksgiving weekend madness and too-high-fares. (And when I say "I've worked out," I mean Boyfriend did and I am taking credit for it.) I am happy to see the sisters and the Traveler, who is now their babysitter and living in my mother's house. I'll be happy to see my parents. Aside from that, I am experiencing the dread I always experience going home. It is always emotionally draining and much harder than you would think.

Slow weekend since we are recuperating from the activity level of Best Friend's visit. This morning B. and I participated in a walk for charity, which means getting up early and, you know, walking. Came back home and I snoozed the whole afternoon away. Now I'm trying to motivate myself to study and cook dinner - both things I actually want to do, but I'm moving slow.

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