Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CL Friend and her husband have extended the invitation for Boyfriend and I to go to dinner at their house. How nice! This weekend is no good because Best Friend is visiting, but possibly next. It would be awesome if CL Friend's Husband and Boyfriend got along because then we would have "a couple" of friends that we could do things with. I am hopeful because they are both into sports -- that seems to be the common denominator with the male counterpart of the species. They play and watch the same sports so... *crossing fingers*

If not, no big, but wouldn't that be fun?

I have been running my raggedy little ass (little... *snort*) around to trade shows and such. It's not bad -- gets me out of the office and breaks up the week. At the last one, they had brownies and cookies, as well as coffee and pastries in the morning. That's my kinda show, baby.

Not much else to report. Hopefully I will have tons of great stories to tell after Best Friend's visit in the next five days.

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cheekynomad said...

CL friend? this is a new person, i need to catch up on your blog!