Sunday, March 26, 2006

Catching Up

Some things that have happened lately...

* I've gotten into belly dancing as a form of exercise. Don't get me wrong - running in the cold with flat feet is nothing short of delightful - but somehow this new trend is more fun for me. I took a Hips, Buns, Thighs tape out of the library. After the first time I did it, my ass was so sore. (I suppose that's a good thing.) Then I did it again yesterday, and it wasn't as difficult or painful as the first time. But this morning my back is killing me from one of the stretches they made me do. Belly dancing was not meant for chubby white girls; when am I going to learn?

* I saw Future Priest on Thursday. He gave me books - yayyyy - and we caught up a bit. It was unusually warm so we went for a walk in the park. It was a lot of fun, but it was a shame that I was pressed for time and we couldn't hang out longer. Next time.

* Yesterday Boyfriend and I were bumming around the city. We inadvertently found a street fair. We had zeppoles (oh baby) and after taking one bite, powdered sugar drenched my dark brown pea coat. I looked like I had been through a massive snowstorm or something. But those are so yummy, I can't take it. Boyfriend filled out an application for a credit card at some stand and got me a free yoga mat. A free yoga mat! How great is that? I've been wanting one for a while.

* Junior, our cat, ate Squeak, Kid Sisters' fish. It was only a matter of time. Just because we put Squeak way up on top of the closet doesn't mean the cat wouldn't have figured it out sooner or later.

* I'm a lazy, good-for-nothing lump who is not studying my Italian or reading any of the books on the extensive bibliographies I received in preparation for my summer internship in Italia. I don't know what's wrong with me, I better get my ass moving. I watch The Sopranos, but somehow I suspect that isn't enough.

* Boyfriend and I are staying here for the next month and a half before I leave (month and a half! gee whiz), not going back to Texas. Yes, my family drives me crazy, but when he's here with me it's not so bad.



Ah well. At least ya know I wasn't exaggeratin' now when I complained.

n.v. said...

You're going to shItaly? I envy you, Sojo.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Now I have a powdered sugar craving. So wrong.

sojourness said...

Sorry Andi! :)

Anonymous said...

this is when i know i am a true indian. hahaha
normal boyfriends get teddy bears they win at stalls or whatever .
i use my bad credit as leverage to fake sign up for a card to get you a mat !!!
im a genius


sojourness said...

I have more use for a yoga mat than for a teddy bear. I'm up to my ass in stuffed animals, what with Braveheart II and Alfie.

Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

what is this.. more competition??????

sojourness said...

The giant alligator, silly.