Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Things We Do For Love

Between yesterday and today, Sister and I have been running all over the place. Doctors and pharmacies and all kinds of crazy shit. She went to a doctor today who said that she might not need surgery, but that we wouldn't know for two weeks. The last one told her he would operate as soon as tomorrow. Don't you love it when doctors blatantly contradict each other? Especially when it's important?

Anyway, to take my mind off of this, I want to post about Kid Sisters' birthday party that took place over the weekend.

Firstly, I should show you what Sister and I did when Kid Sisters turned two:

Yeahhhhh. I was Ernie and Sister was Elmo. We sang, we danced, we made one of them (the one pictured) squeal with delight and the other scream in terror.

So, this year, we decided to be Dora the Explorer (Sister) and Clifford the Big Red Dog (me) for their birthday. So what that they were turning five? They'd still buy it, right?


We rehearsed and rehearsed. Sister burned a CD of all the necessary songs (including "Who Let the Dogs Out?" for my entrance) and choreographed our moves. We were feeling pretty excited.

The day of the party came, and we were ready to go:

And despite the fact that the woman who worked at the kiddie party place screwed up our music, and our sisters figured out that we were not the real Dora and Clifford, everyone had a really good time.

What happened was, I came out first and did my thang. Then Sister came out and did hers. We danced together, we gave hugs and high-fives, and we were literally assaulted by children. The bad thing was, we were incredibly sweaty, it was hard to breathe, and we could barely see a thing. I rarely knew a child was going to grab me until she or he did.

I decided that since Clifford only speaks to other dogs (and barks when humans are around), as long as there were no dogs at the party, all I would have to do was bark in order to be accurate. So I did. But Sister does mean impressions, and she did a kick-ass Dora. The problem was, as soon as she got out, "Hola! I'm Dora the Explorer!" Kid Sister #1 said, "Wait a minute.... that sounds like Sister!"

The two of us thought, "Aw crap," at the same time.

Since I was only barking there was no way to know that it was me, but I saw/breathed through Clifford's mouth, which was the part you could see me in if you looked really, really closely. At one point Kid Sister #1 caught a glimpse and yelled out that she suspected it was me in there. She demanded, "Clifford, open your mouth!" to which I barked and vehemently shook my head.

After the party, I asked Kid Sister #2 if she had enjoyed Dora and Clifford. (I suspect she has the same gullibility gene that I have, so I thought I would give it a try.) But Kid Sister #1 had gotten to her first, and she told me that she knew it was Sister and I in the costumes. Damn it. Sister was so disappointed. Afterwards, when everyone was distracted by the cake and had forgotten about us, she turned to me and said, in her best Dora voice, "That was a disaster." I barked.

But the kids and parents enjoyed it anyway :) And the video is fucking hilarious.


fp said...

God bless the two of you for doing that. lol


You two are nutballs.

I think there's some kinda rule that any costume hasta be uncomfortable and hot. My Scarlet Spiders weren't TOO much better than those must've been.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Ha! You're the best sister EVER. Those suits suck ass to wear and I know this from personal experience. Props for the best sista ever.