Monday, March 20, 2006

These Days

I know I haven't written lately, but there just hasn't been anything of interest to write about. I guess I can throw some random things into a bulleted list, just to keep this thing alive.

* I'm reading Eve: A Biography, and it kicks ass. Kicks. Ass. The only thing is it's a fucking monster. 404 pages, and I am not one for long books. But it's so good that I forgive it.

* Yesterday I went food shopping with Mother. I had a disturbing experience in the seafood section. I stood and watched those poor, doomed lobsters in the tank for close to ten minutes. Many of them lie there, resigned to their fates, but a couple of them fought back. One of them had climbed half-way up the divider and was clinging there with its claws. Another kept trying to walk around as if it were still in the ocean, and consequently, just bumped into the side of the tank, over and over and over. It just didn't learn. No sooner did it slam into the side then it tried again. A couple were locked into wrestling poses because of their close proximity. It really made me sad. Mother walked over several times and told me to stop being weird.

* Today I went to a museum and saw an exhibit of Native American art. I took tons of photos, but this is my favorite. This case contains all carvings of women. Aren't they pretty?

And guess what I got for only ten bucks?? A gigunda poster of George Catlin's Buffalo Bill's Back: Fat, Head Chief... Isn't he great?

* Speaking of which, I finally decorated my room the way I want it. There are masks from Indonesia and goddess artwork all over the damn place. Not to mention I turned my magazine table into a mini altar, which is home to several Buddhas, a nameless Hindu goddess, Ganesha, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, a "thinker" with a rosary around her/his neck, and an angel reading a book (hee hee).

* After the museum today, I spent several hours with Boyfriend. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant and did a little window shopping, and I got to meet his lovely Aunt and Cousin briefly, but most of the time we just sat in a bookstore reading. I think that's when you know you really love somebody: when you can sit across from them, each doing your own thing, and just be utterly and completely happy to be in their presence. He makes my life so much prettier, he really does.


fp said...

hope all is well, still gotta let u borrow that book u wanted, call the cell sometime

and ur native american pics reminded me of when Mr. Dirty Jokes did his imitation in the lounge that day lol

trust in Jesus.




A. Estella Sassypants said...

Your altar sounds cool. We need a pic of that.

Quiet reading + someone special = Yay!

sojourness said...

Oh shut up Wolvie, like you're not nauseating w/ the Mrs.



Talk to the hand, face don't understand!

Yes, I live in th' past. This is not news.

sojourness said...

fp, oh goodness, Mr. Dirty Jokes was hilarious with that. It was so culturally insensitive, but still. The museum was making me think of Prof. G's class a bit, actually.

Andi, I do have a picture and will post it soon :) Thanks.

Wolvie, hee hee hee.