Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The News

I am considering putting an end to Sojourner's Truths. I will think about it for the next week or so, and will post my final decision when I come to it. But that is the direction I'm leaning in.

Writing here and reading the viewpoints and opinions of others has helped me very much in my dealing with the issues I addressed, and I think the blog has served its purpose. I feel that it is superfluous now.

No, I haven't figured out my spirituality. I doubt that I ever will. Maybe I'll get closer but I'll never 'get it.' (Does anyone?) So I don't see the point. But thanks to those of you who have been faithful and read my blog religiously (hee hee). It has meant a lot to me.



Okay, you make me bring mine back only to end yers? WTF? 'Course this means yer gonna hafta go back to givin' me details 'steada sayin' it's in th' blog.

fp said...

keep in touch

Anonymous said...

no sojourness nooooooooooooooooo
you cannot do this.

u cannot stop your blog( or is it blaaaag) hee hee hee

love you always