Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's a meme!

The deal is you have to write 10 things that you like beginning with the letter bestowed upon you. Andi gave me the letter 'H.' So I give you, in no particular order:

- Hot chocolate - Boyfriend recently bought a "Smores" flavor that is seriously yummy. I scarf it at work every day when I am feeling cold. It's my coffee alternative.

- "Hannah and Her Sisters" - My favorite Woody Allen movie of all time! I love the religion/searching for the meaning of life aspect.

- Hugs - Enough said.

- "(A) Hard Day's Night" - Classic. It introduced me to the Beatles, who gave my life meaning at 17.

- Henry David Thoreau - I'll be honest, I can't read "Walden" straight through without getting bored at times, but the guy was a genius and I have a serious crush on his brain.

- Harry Potter - I'm not a crazy fan, have only read three so far so you know I'm not obsessed, but I really enjoy them. The movies, not so much, but definitely the books.

- History ... as much as I love literature.

- Healthy food ... if done right. Tofu and veggies and all that knocks me out. I never would have made it as a vegetarian for over a year if all I was eating was salads.

- Halvah bars - *Salivates*

- Hair ... as in facial hair on men. Always drove me crazy and still does ;)



Guess what movie I saw the other day. ;)

sojourness said...



Check yer list and you tell me. ;)

sojourness said...

whoaaaa nice!

Andi said...

Tried to comment when you posted this lovely meme but blogger and my computer have been at each other's throats for some reason.

MUST try Halvah bars! They look and sound delectable!