Friday, February 23, 2007

PR = pretty rad

My American studies/60s culture class is bugging me now. I just read On the Road which kicked some serious ass and now he's got me reading some book about rock 'n roll. I love reading and I love music but I don't really want to read about music. Argh. I can't wait to get back to the novels!

So my boss has a PR woman that gets publications to publish his articles and all that. She comes in every two weeks. Funny story I'm not sure I've told on this blog - let me go check - no, I didn't. I was looking for jobs back in the fall when I arrived in Austin. I sent my resume out for tons of things, specifically internships and positions involving writing and communications because that's where my experience is. I got the job for the CEO but still got emails about my resume, and one of the women who contacted me needed an intern to do PR work. A couple of days later, the PR woman had a meeting with the boss and myself, and she was talking about how she was trying to find an intern. I realized that her first name, an uncommon one, was the same as the woman who had emailed me. I said to her, "I think you emailed me a few days ago about my resume," and she was like, "Sojourness??" and my boss thought it was the funniest thing.

So anyway, she contacted me yesterday to ask if I want to do some freelance work for her. She needs to write case studies about my company and I write and I know the company so she figured I might want to do it. I was so happy - here I am trying my best to find freelance work and it falls into my lap.



Yeah, this stuff always seems to fall in yer lap. You've been a writer fer a handful of years and've managed to get a ton of breaks. Seriously. May not seem like it to you, but if you sat where I do you'd see yer doin' damn good fer yerself.

sojourness said...

Aw, thank you Bro. You're a sweetheart.

Andi said...

Dontcha just love it when stuff like that falls in your lap! Enjoy!