Thursday, February 08, 2007

Those of you who blog regularly and have for some time know that there are cycles. There are dry spells in which you don't want to write and feel unmotivated, and then there are moments of delicious inspiration in which you want to post every five minutes.

Contrary to what you may think, judging by how often I have been updating lately, I am in one of those appreciating-my-blog moods. I think about it and it brings a smile to my face. I love it. I think of things to write later. (The fact that it doesn't always happen aside.)

So although things are hectic and busy, I want to take time to write because it just makes me feel good.

Yesterday the Onion, the funniest newspaper ever that has recently come to Austin, awarded me a pair of tickets to see Bob Saget tomorrow night. I didn't think I would win them but sent the email in anyway... what the hell. Now I'm pretty excited. Not that I'm a big Bob Saget fan, but I have not been to a comedy show ever and I think it will be fun. Boyfriend and I saw him on Leno - and who can forget him on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment?? priceless - and are looking forward to our little night out on the town, thanks to the Onion. Woohoo!

Did I alert you all to the fact that I'm an ex-vegetarian and have been for a couple of months? I keep trying to remind myself to mention it. Oh, the fall from grace.

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