Saturday, February 03, 2007

Insane Ramblings

"See a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck."

Does that still apply if you just dropped the penny yourself?

I was wondering that the other day. You see, this is what my life has been reduced to. I feel like I'm stuck in the movie "Office Space."

I had a scintillating conversation with Bro this week about how good my box of chocolates is. It doesn't have any of the crummy filler chocolates you usually find. I immediately apologized for being so dull.


Yesterday was Groundhog Day. I waited at the bus as I always do - the tired girl with frizzy, wet hair wrapped in a brown coat, clutching an overstuffed cheap Chinese purse over one shoulder and carrying her lunch in a plastic bag. When I made it to the office, I enjoyed a Breakfast of Champions - a diet Coke and an orange.

Anyway, let's just say I'm glad it's the weekend.


(Short) Bulleted list of news:

* I am applying for a summer fellowship in Chicago on alternative journalism. It is very competitive and hard to get, which has me nervous because I really want it. I guess you never know until you try, or some shit like that.

* I got a job as a childcare worker at a Methodist church. (They don't ordain women, do they? I will have to put politics aside for money. How sell-out of me.) I start tomorrow morning. Pray for me, ye faithful, that these kids aren't monsters.



Yeeeeeeeeah. I'm gonna need you to go ahead and just come in on Saturday.

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