Friday, January 18, 2008

Give Me a Shot of Stok!

It's a dark rainy day in Austin, which mirrors the latest news about the economy. I have never been all that informed before but for some reason now I am interested in everything. I listened to NPR on the way in to work today, I read the NY Times more often, I watch news and political programs and I am seriously considering my vote in the primary in March. Who have I become? I guess I am hoping that some of the problems in this country will eventually get better. Or maybe I'd just like to be informed of everything as we go down.

In other news, I discovered a new caffeine product in the office yesterday. Apparently they are now throwing shots of espresso into creamer-sized containers for you to add to your coffee if coffee by itself is not enough. You can't have more than two a day because you will lose all your hair or something, but it is supposed to really supercharge you. Tried one last night so I could stay up and study. Really did not work. Oh well.

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Amanda said...

I prefer stirring meth into my coffee. (just